Bristol Downs Association Football League

Bristol Downs Association Football League


Historic Season Summaries

The following are produced from a document entitled ‘A History of the Bristol Downs Association Football League: a unique league‘.

This was written by Richard Laurence and Mervyn Baker in the early 2000s but has not yet been shared more widely.

Over time, a selection of season summaries and statistics will be added below to read and enjoy.

With great thanks to Richard and Merv for all their many hours of research and dedication.

Introduction  When W.G. Grace played on the Downs (and planted some trees) (posted 29th July 2023)

Formation of the Downs League (1905)  When 30 teams started the league (posted 11th August 2023)

1905-06  When the League started and trials to represent the Downs were held on Christmas Day (posted 11th August 2023)

1906-07  When Clifton St Vincents joined the league (posted 24th August 2023)

1907-08  The League begins to grow (posted 24th August 2023)

1908-09  When changing rooms were first proposed and smallpox disrupted the league (posted 24th August 2023)

1958-59  When Clifton St. Vincents turned 60 and won the treble (posted 15th September 2023)

1959-60  When Steve Stacey played on the Downs (posted 10th November 2023)

1974-75  When St. Vincents chose their colour and St. Gabriels won their seventh successive first division title (posted 29th July 2023)

1977-78  When Retainers turned 25 and won the Norman Hardy Cup (posted 5th October 2023)